New Study Finds Numerous Unintended Consequences of Massive Solar Farms

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A new study finds there could be unin­tend­ed con­se­quences of con­struct­ing mas­sive solar farms in deserts around the world. The eye-open­ing research claims that huge solar farms, such as in the Sahara, could ush­er in envi­ron­men­tal crises, includ­ing alter­ing the cli­mate and caus­ing glob­al warm­ing. The study was car­ried out by Zhengyao Lu, a researcher in Phys­i­cal Geog­ra­phy at Lund Uni­ver­si­ty, and Ben­jamin Smith, direc­tor of research at the Hawkes­bury Insti­tute for the Envi­ron­ment at West­ern Syd­ney Uni­ver­si­ty. The results of their research were pub­lished in a Feb. 11 arti­cle in The Con­ver­sa­tion. Solar pan­els are dark­er col­ors such as black …


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