“Smoking Gun” Proof Of Election Fraud

On May 27th, The audi­tors in New Hamp­shire claimed that they found no fraud or evi­dence that machines were tam­pered with.

From Union Leader:

A foren­sic audit of auto­mat­ed vote count­ing machines in Wind­ham revealed no evi­dence of fraud or tam­per­ing with those devices, offi­cials said Thursday.

The work of the first-ever audit of a New Hamp­shire elec­tion end­ed Thurs­day with the team stand­ing by its ini­tial find­ing that folds made in paper bal­lots were the major con­trib­u­tor to a wide dis­crep­an­cy between results that were report­ed on elec­tion night and a hand recount done nine days lat­er in local House races.

Now, we have this.

Mary­lyn Todd, founder of the New Hamp­shire Vot­er Integri­ty Group is push­ing back on this claim­ing that she has dis­cov­ered proof of elec­tion fraud in New Hampshire.

From OANN:

Mary­lyn Todd, founder of the New Hamp­shire Vot­er Integri­ty Group, said she’s dis­cov­ered “smok­ing gun” proof of elec­tion fraud in New Hampshire.
On a live stream Thurs­day evening, Todd said she encoun­tered some­thing extreme­ly prob­lem­at­ic about the May 12 audit report from Har­ri Hursti, the elec­tron­ic vot­ing secu­ri­ty expert lead­ing the Wind­ham Coun­ty audit.
Todd expressed how Hursti con­veyed to her that he couldn’t clear the coun­ters and that instead, he had to reset the mem­o­ry cards. Todd said this was con­fus­ing to her because she recalled he had a “clear counter” but­ton the entire time, there­fore there was no need to delete the mem­o­ry card. She then stat­ed that Hursti is on cam­era say­ing the com­put­er need­ed to be reg­is­tered for Nov. 3.
She went on to explain that Hursti appeared to reset the date to Nov. 5 before print­ing the report. Hursti’s appar­ent actions coin­cide with Michi­gan attor­ney Matt Deperno’s find­ings in Antrim County.


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