Signs Point To Milley’s Exit

According to Don Surber’s blog post, all signs are pointing to General Milley exiting his position:

Baseball fans know the score. When the general manager says he’s behind the manager 100%, that means the manager has two weeks left.

Biden just said, “I have great confidence in General Milley.”

Look for Milley to soon decide to spend more time with his family.

Bob Woodward has a new book, “Peril,” the latest in his series of books on Washington that explain the deep state’s version of reality. To promote his book, he played up his interview with PC General Milley. He said he called General Li of Red China when Trump was president and promised to give Li a head’s up on any military action we take.

Instead of showing how dangerous Trump was, it showed how dangerous to the nation Milley is. His boss, the secretary of defense, did not authorize the January 6 call.

Who knows who Milley is calling today?

Within 24 hours, the Hero of the Battle of Mar-a-Lago has become bad baggage for Biden. The peril in “Peril” is not President Trump, but Milley, who has confirmed the story.

















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