Tuesday December 22, 2020 8:39 AM

President Donald Trump and Team Trump attorney Jenna Ellis have both indicated that there are no plans to use the Insurrection Act and impose Martial Law to intervene on the contested election. However, there are other routes to take using military involvement which attorney Sidney Powell could potentially be suggesting through her telegram channel.

Powell has developed a very powerful tool for communicating in an ‘end around’ the corrupt corporate media. The new medium — the encrypted app Telegram, which is very easy to use and very effective.

The legacy media has lost all credibility and is dying; a Telegram channel is a new path rising to replace the current censorship and Chicom propaganda we see in the formerly Mainstream Media.

Powell’s channel is growing fast with almost 5,000 subscribers at the writing of this article.

Creative Destruction Media analyzes the Powell’s cryptic post:

First, Powell has pinned to the top of the channel a post reporting she is being considered by POTUS to be the special prosecutor to investigate election fraud.

Second, Powell posts two stories on military involvement in domestic politics after the much-reported late-night meeting in The Oval Office on Friday which she attended with Lt Gen Michael Flynn.

One is an excerpt from a U.S. military joint doctrine publication on civil-military operations stating,…

“Military government is the supreme authority the military exercises by force or agreement over the lands, property, and IPIs of DOMESTIC [emphasis mine], allied, or enemy territory, When required to achieve national strategic objectives or protect national interests, the US national leadership may decide to intervene militarily. US forces in support of the [US Government] stabilization effort support an election process in order to confirm the legitimacy of the government before all sovereign responsibilities are restored to the new government and US political will is enforced.”

The second is a tweet by President Trump saying reports he will impose martial law on the country are ‘fake news’.

The upshot is this — these posts seem to paint the picture POTUS has possibly made a decision to move forward with some type of U.S. military involvement in the election process, possibly to hold new elections in disputed states. Powell is inferring POTUS will NOT be imposing martial law, which is temporary military control of the nation’s domestic affairs.

Last, a special prosecutor will likely be named to investigate the massive electoral fraud that occurred up to, during, and after Nov 3rd in the American general election, deliver the results to the American people, and hold those involved accountable. Attorney Rudy Giuliani has been reporting this possibility as well.