Sidney Powell interview on Rush Limbaugh show…“Absolutely Unprecedented”

Dur­ing a radio inter­view with Todd Her­man, pro-Trump attor­ney Sid­ney Pow­ell gave an update on her ongo­ing 2020 elec­tion fight.

Pow­ell was asked about her “ele­va­tor pitch” to the Supreme Court about alleged elec­tion fraud. Pow­ell unleashed.

Read Pow­ell’s state­ment below:

“The very night of the elec­tion many peo­ple saw some­thing that they had nev­er seen before in the his­to­ry of our elec­tions. They saw votes being changed on the screen in front of them, going from Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump to Joe Biden. On top of that, the morn­ing after the elec­tion, even that night, the vot­ing stopped. They stopped count­ing in mul­ti­ple dis­tricts at the same time before the vote got to 270 elec­tors for Pres­i­dent Trump. That’s nev­er hap­pened before. The only time votes have ever stopped being count­ed in this coun­try on elec­tion night was when the Broward Coun­ty prob­lem devel­oped over Hang­ing Chad’s in one coun­ty in FL. So for FIVE states to stop count­ing on elec­tion night is absolute­ly UNPRECEDENTED. And they did it because the vote count for the elec­toral col­lege was about to hit [+ go over] 270 for Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump, because of the mas­sive out­pour­ing of votes for him that night. By the next morn­ing, mul­ti­ple math­e­mati­cians had con­tact­ed me and told me they knew the algo­rithm that had been run to change the votes. It was that obvi­ous to peo­ple with math­e­mat­i­cal exper­tise. It is a math­e­mat­i­cal impos­si­bil­i­ty for 100’s of thou­sands of votes to show up for VP Biden alone and to have been inject­ed into the sys­tem the way that they were. We have eye-wit­ness tes­ti­mo­ny of count­less peo­ple who saw votes com­ing in, in unse­cured con­tain­ers and improp­er means and look­ing dif­fer­ent the night of the elec­tion. These peo­ple have come for­ward at great per­son­al risk to them­selves & their fam­i­lies to pro­vide thou­sands of affi­davits of vot­ing abnor­mal­i­ties and actu­al crimes that they wit­nessed hap­pen on elec­tion night. The very fact that the oth­er side is work­ing so hard to hide all of this. Fed­er­al law requires trans­paren­cy in our elec­toral process and our elections.”

There is a fed­er­al statute that requires all the doc­u­ments per­tain­ing to the elec­tion to be main­tained for 22 months fol­low­ing an elec­tion, for the very rea­son that it has to be com­plete­ly auditable. A Fed­er­al Judge in Octo­ber [in ATL] found all kinds of prob­lems w/ the Domin­ion sys­tem that GA bought and crammed down for every­body across the state to use. That’s where the most prob­lems have been, is in GA. Wit­ness­es have come for­ward, there was sup­pos­ed­ly a water leak that they shut down vot­ing for. That was an abject lie. We have video of wit­ness­es pulling sus­pect bal­lots out from under a table after they ran off all the observers. Some­body told me that one of the peo­ple that did that has told gov’t offi­cials how it hap­pened and what hap­pened. But has that infor­ma­tion been pro­vid­ed to the pub­lic? No. There is ram­pant vot­er fraud of all kinds. Fed­er­al vio­la­tions of 5 years + more across the coun­try by virtue of all the mis­con­duct on elec­tion night. The flip­ping of votes by Domin­ion is even adver­tised, on their abil­i­ty to do that, to run a frac­tion, to make a Biden vote count 1.26% and a Trump vote to only count 0.74%. They’ve done it before. They’ve done it in Venezuela. They done it in oth­er for­eign coun­tries. They’ve done it in THIS coun­try. We have evi­dence even that it was done in 2016 in CA to ben­e­fit Hillary or Bernie Sanders, and it’s been done in oth­er local elec­tions and small­er elec­tions in dif­fer­ent places. This is the only time it’s been this wide­spread, and the rea­son it didn’t work this time, they’ve been able to shave these votes for a long time, but the rea­son it didn’t work com­plete­ly this time and they had to shut down in so many places was because so many Trump sup­port­ers poured out on the day of the elec­tion to vote for Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump in what was a LANDSLIDE vic­to­ry, a his­toric vic­to­ry, is because it BROKE the algo­rithm. That’s why they had to stop count­ing that night. That’s why they had to bring in bal­lots and try to back-fill. And it still doesn’t work, because there are still 100’s of thou­sands of more votes than there were vot­ers to vote them. The math sim­ply doesn’t add up. And if they had noth­ing to hide, why aren’t they pro­vid­ing trans­paren­cy into the vot­ing sys­tems of the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca, the coun­try that is found­ed upon the Rule of Law and is sup­posed to be above all this? It is absolute­ly the most appalling crim­i­nal oper­a­tion in the his­to­ry of our country.”


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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