Shun Order Issued For Republicans Who Don’t Accept Biden as ‘President-Elect’

The Wash­ing­ton Post on Thurs­day pro­mot­ed the pub­lic action of shun­ning any Repub­lic who won’t call Joe Biden “Pres­i­dent Elect.” This tone deaf asser­tion com­plete­ly ignores the fact that left­ists brand­ed and act­ed on the chant “not my pres­i­dent” for four years, while Trump was actu­al­ly, and right­ful­ly, the President.

WaPopro­mot­ed cre­at­ing a polit­i­cal lit­mus test by ask­ing Repub­li­cans three decid­ing ques­tions to test whether they had whole­heart­ed faith in the recent elec­tion process, lead­ing many to note that the paper has nev­er held Democ­rats to sim­i­lar lines of ques­tion­ing in the past, Bre­it­bart reported.

The Post, which fre­quent­ly under­mined the legit­i­ma­cy of Trump’s pres­i­den­cy due to the unfound­ed Rus­sia hoax, set out to demand Repub­li­cans answer the pro­posed ques­tions in order to deter­mine the Republican’s legitimacy.

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