SHOCKING: New York City Shootings on Track to Hit 14-Year High

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New York City shoot­ings and vio­lent crime enjoyed years-long declines, but are set to hit highs not seen since the mid-2000s.NYPD Police Com­mis­sion­er Der­mot Shea told NY1 on Tues­day, “I wish I had bet­ter news on gun vio­lence specif­i­cal­ly,” but that “we’re look­ing to close out the year on a 14-year high.” 

To give you an idea of just how big an increase that is, shoot­ings were up 96% over 2019 in just the first 11 months of plague-wracked 2020. There were 115 shoot­ings in just Novem­ber, which NY1 says is “a 112% increase from the same time last year.”
New York­ers also wit­nessed 28 mur­ders last month, or one a day assum­ing killers take off Thanks­giv­ing and Black Fri­day. That’s a 38% increase over last November.
The dead­ly crime wave isn’t due to inac­tiv­i­ty on the part of the NYPD. Shea says …


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