SHOCKING New Hampshire Audit Bombshell

New Hamp­shire cit­i­zens may have thought they were going to get to the bot­tom of the odd 2020 Elec­tion results in the state. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it looks like some real­ly strong men and women of char­ac­ter need to stand up because the efforts in Wind­ham have been hijacked by the same shady peo­ple involved in the 2020 Elec­tion mess.

Over the past few weeks, efforts were under­way to get to the bot­tom of the 2020 Elec­tion results in New Hamp­shire. The town of Wind­ham was the focal point as there were abnor­mal­i­ties in the results from the elec­tion that were observed there and the locals demand­ed a real audit of the results.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the indi­vid­u­als respon­si­ble for select­ing the audi­tors who would audit the results, select­ed audi­tors who were severe­ly com­pro­mised due to their con­nec­tions with lead­ers in the Demo­c­rat Par­ty, Pelosi and Schumer, and each other.

One issue that was iden­ti­fied and report­ed on by Sara Ibanez the Gran­ite­Groc relat­ed to folds in the ballots:

In a stun­ning con­clu­sion pro­vid­ed by the Wind­ham Audit Team, it was deter­mined that some machines were tricked by the creas­es in mail-in bal­lots to the detri­ment of Repub­li­can can­di­dates. The creas­es result­ed in over­votes that crush­ing­ly affect­ed straight-tick­et Repub­li­can bal­lots, in particular.

This rev­e­la­tion is news to the pub­lic, but our trust­ed politi­cians and Jeff Sil­ve­stro of LHS Asso­ciates knew this would hap­pen months before the elec­tion occurred.

Irre­spec­tive of their knowl­edge, they col­lec­tive­ly com­mit­ted gross neg­li­gence when they failed to imple­ment cor­rec­tions that would have pro­tect­ed the vot­ers of New Hampshire.

More­over, Philip J. Abirached, Chair­man of the Wind­ham Repub­li­can Town Com­mit­tee report­ed yes­ter­day that “the func­tion of reject­ing over­votes was turned off per the state’s request.”

The com­bi­na­tion of events lends cre­dence to all rea­son­ing behind New Hamp­shire cit­i­zens’ dis­trust of elect­ed offi­cials, espe­cial­ly some Repub­li­cans who are deemed infiltrators.


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