‘Shadow President’ Identified To Act On Behalf Of Biden

For­mer Act­ing Direc­tor of US Nation­al Intel­li­gence, Richard Grenell, was on ‘Sun­day Morn­ing Futures’ with Maria Bar­tiro­mo Sun­day morn­ing. He dis­cussed who he believes will be act­ing as a pseu­do pres­i­dent by proxy for Joe Biden who is seem­ing­ly not men­tal­ly or phys­i­cal­ly equipped for the demand­ing job.

“You need to watch Susan Rice very close­ly,” Grenell told Bar­tiro­mo. “She will be the shad­ow pres­i­dent. We have a pres­i­dent-elect in Joe Biden who clear­ly is not the Joe Biden of 10 years ago. He’s not even the Joe Biden of 5 years ago when it comes to pol­i­cy issues.”

Grenell also claimed that pro­gres­sives have “clear­ly tak­en over him and I think that that’s why he won. They want­ed some­one that they could con­trol and Susan Rice being right there at the White House to be the shad­ow pres­i­dent is prob­a­bly exact­ly where she wants to be, behind the scenes. And unchecked.”



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