Second Coup is Coming For The House

Two very close House races are com­ing into the focus of some of the same Demo­c­rat oper­a­tives who alleged­ly staged an appar­ent coup to take the White House.

In Iowa’s Sec­ond Dis­trict, Repub­li­can Mar­i­an­nette Miller-Meeks has been cer­ti­fied the win­ner by six votes out of over 390,000 cast over Molochi­an Rita Hart. In New York’s 22d Dis­trict, all the com­pe­tence we’ve come to expect from elec­tions offi­cials is on full dis­play as Repub­li­can Clau­dia Ten­ney clings to a 12 vote edge over neo-social­ist Antho­ny Brindisi.

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