SCOTUS Makes Unanimous Decision…

The Supreme Court has made a deci­sion that is going to have far-reach­ing effects on col­lege sports and could change it forever.

Sid­ing with stu­dent-ath­letes, the U.S. Supreme Court on Mon­day ruled against the Nation­al Col­le­giate Ath­let­ic Asso­ci­a­tion (NCAA) in the organization’s bid to main­tain lim­its on edu­ca­tion-relat­ed com­pen­sa­tion for them that crit­ics have said help main­tain the fic­tion of ama­teurism in col­lege sports.

The court ruled 9–0 that the NCAA’s curbs on non-cash pay­ments to col­lege ath­letes relat­ed to edu­ca­tion — includ­ing ben­e­fits such as com­put­ers, sci­ence equip­ment and musi­cal instru­ments — are anti­com­pet­i­tive under a fed­er­al law called the Sher­man Antitrust Act. The NCAA is the major gov­ern­ing body for U.S. inter­col­le­giate sports.

The deci­sion fur­ther weak­ens the NCAA’s efforts to defend its restric­tive exist­ing sys­tem regard­ing stu­dent com­pen­sa­tion, which is under fire on mul­ti­ple fronts. Although the case did not involve direct pay­ments to ath­letes, the wider issue of play­er com­pen­sa­tion — also includ­ing the abil­i­ty to prof­it off their name, image and like­ness — has increas­ing­ly become a point of con­tention. Col­lege sports bring in bil­lions of dol­lars in revenue.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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