Scientists make major breakthrough in finding out why the Sun shines

Sci­en­tists have detect­ed neu­tri­nos formed dur­ing a large­ly mys­te­ri­ous process in the Sun, in what they are hail­ing as a major breakthrough.

The dis­cov­ery could help reveal the struc­ture of our Sun and the ele­ments with­in its core. But it could also allow us to bet­ter under­stand oth­er phe­nom­e­na through­out the uni­verse, such as super­novae or the insides of dis­tant stars.

The detec­tion was made using the Borex­i­no Col­lab­o­ra­tion, a vast par­ti­cle physics exper­i­ment locat­ed in Italy and worked on by researchers from around the world. It aims to bet­ter under­stand the process­es pow­er­ing the Sun, as well as those in oth­er stars.

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