Schumer Makes Damning Proclamation About Changing The World Forever

Sen­ate Minor­i­ty Leader Chuck Schumer is not shy about his plans for the entire world if Democ­rats take con­trol of the Sen­ate, depend­ing on the results of Geor­gia’s runoff elec­tion for the state’s sen­ate seat. Schumer is seething for this con­trol so he can change not just the coun­try, but the world as we know it. He said he’ll do just that if giv­en these seats and the pow­er that comes with con­trol through the majority.

In a Wall Street Jour­nal opin­ion piece, the author opines on Chuck Schumer’s own words about what’s at stake in the two Geor­gia runoff races.

“‘Now we take Geor­gia, then we change the world. Now we take Geor­gia, then we change Amer­i­ca.’ So declared an ebul­lient Chuck Schumer, the Sen­ate Minor­i­ty Leader, on Sat­ur­day as he addressed sup­port­ers, and vot­ers in Geor­gia should pay attention.”

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