Saving the Past at the Expense of the Future

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Dec 7 2020 14:[email protected] the JFK quote goes “when writ­ten in Chi­nese, the word ‘cri­sis’ is com­posed of two char­ac­ters. One rep­re­sents dan­ger and the oth­er rep­re­sents oppor­tu­ni­ty.” Clear­ly Chi­na sees the coro­n­avirus pan­dem­ic as an oppor­tu­ni­ty as the Guardian explains: 

The high infec­tion rates across many devel­oped, demo­c­ra­t­ic coun­tries have helped divert the nar­ra­tive away from Chi­na and its sup­posed “Cher­nobyl moment” to one of why democ­ra­cies have per­formed so bad­ly with the pan­dem­ic. It is a mes­sage that falls on fer­tile ground in many parts of the world. For exam­ple, the Sau­di-owned Al Ara­biya news sta­tion remarked that “Chi­na is the only coun­try that has per­formed well in deal­ing with this cri­sis”. Sol­i­dar­i­ty in Europe “does not exist”, said Alek­san­dar Vučić, the pres­i­dent of Ser­bia, in an angry state­ment about import restric­tions imposed by the Euro­pean Union. “The only …


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