For the First Time in Nearly a Millennium, Saturn and Jupiter to Conjoin as a “Double Planet” in the Skies Just Before Christmas

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Jupiter and Sat­urn, the two largest plan­ets in the Solar Sys­tem, will con­join very close­ly near Christ­mas this month, putting on an astral show that hasn’t been seen on Earth for rough­ly a millennium.The two plan­ets on Dec. 21 will appear clos­er togeth­er in the sky than at any time in the last 800 years.
Align­ments of the two plan­ets are rel­a­tive­ly rare as far as astro­nom­i­cal events go, but the last time Sat­urn and Jupiter were this close was in March of 1226, Rice Uni­ver­si­ty astronomer Patrick Har­ti­gan told the Dai­ly Mail.
Leg­endary astronomer Johannes Kepler spec­u­lat­ed in the 17th cen­tu­ry that the “Star of Beth­le­hem” that report­ed­ly guid­ed the Three Wise Men to the birth­place of Jesus Christ may have been a sim­i­lar con­junc­tion of Jupiter and Saturn.


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