Russia Reports First Case of New Strain of Avian Flu in Humans

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Russ­ian health offi­cials report­ed a new strain of avian flu nev­er before trans­mit­ted from birds to humans Sat­ur­day, after an out­break first occurred in a poul­try farm last December.Anna Popo­va, the country’s pub­lic health chief, announced that sev­en cas­es of the H5N8 strain had been detect­ed amongst the poul­try farm’s work­ers in south­ern Rus­sia – prompt­ing health offi­cials to alert the World Health Orga­ni­za­tion (WHO).“Only time will tell how soon future muta­tions will allow it to over­come this bar­ri­er,” Popo­va said in tele­vised remarks Sat­ur­day, report­ed Bloomberg.The glob­al com­mu­ni­ty has seen var­i­ous strains of swine …


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