Rocket Attack on U.S. in Iraq Leaves Many Questions But Few Answers

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Most details of the attack that tar­get­ed US forces sta­tioned at the al-Asad base in Iraq on Wednes­day have been revealed.A truck was used,10 rock­ets were placed in the truck’s bed, and then a false bed was put on top to obscure them, a method pre­vi­ous­ly used by pro-Iran­ian mili­tias. The rock­ets were 122 mm. and are an Iran­ian type. Iran was like­ly behind the attack by acti­vat­ing one of its local militias.But key ques­tions remain over which mili­tia car­ried out the attack, and what the mili­tias expect will come next.One source told Iran­ian media that the …


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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