Rick Scott Sends Brutal Warning to ‘Woke’ Corporations About ‘Day of Reckoning’…

Dear Woke Cor­po­rate America,

I hope you are all hav­ing fun with your virtue sig­nal­ing. I hope you are enjoy­ing try­ing to one-up each oth­er and show­ing how woke you can be, all the while believ­ing that you are more sophis­ti­cat­ed and moral­ly supe­ri­or to the hard-work­ing peo­ple of this country.

You must have loved the acco­lades from your elit­ist, left-wing peers when you took the MLB All-Star Game from Geor­gia. What a fun day for you on Twit­ter. Congratulations.

Nev­er mind that you have destroyed work­ing people’s jobs and hurt peo­ple who haven’t worked since COVID-19 took a mem­ber of their fam­i­ly or destroyed their small business.

You get texts from your elit­ist friends prais­ing you for your coura­geous stand when you sup­port “most­ly peace­ful” move­ments that loot small busi­ness­es, set fire to gov­ern­ment build­ings, and take the lives of inno­cent people.

You think that makes you moral­ly supe­ri­or to the peo­ple in what you call “fly­over country.”

But you are lying. You are lying to Amer­i­cans, lying to each oth­er, and lying to your­selves. You know that every­thing you have said about the elec­tion reforms in Geor­gia being racist is a lie. 

You know that the Geor­gia law actu­al­ly expands ear­ly vot­ing and does noth­ing to sup­press or cur­tail the vot­ing rights of any­one. And yes, the Geor­gia law requires an ID to vote. Well, so does Delta Air­lines, and so does Major League Base­ball in order to pick up tickets.

It’s not that you have twist­ed the truth; you have reject­ed the truth. Worse, you do not care what is true.

You give the woke mob con­ces­sion after con­ces­sion, hop­ing to buy time to rake in more cash under your watch. You feed the rab­ble left­ist mob that is shout­ing that Amer­i­ca is racist, hop­ing they won’t come for you.

You must have loved the acco­lades from your elit­ist, left-wing peers when you took the MLB All-Star Game from Geor­gia. What a fun day for you on Twit­ter. Congratulations.

Amaz­ing­ly, the woke, lib­er­al cor­po­rate news media is just as dis­hon­est as you. They sup­port your lies. And the Pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States, Joe Biden, shows you the way. He demon­strates how to lie in pub­lic and get away with it.

Let me give you woke cor­po­rate lead­ers a heads-up: Every­body can see the game you are play­ing. Every­body can see your lies. You are the naked emperor.

You are, in fact, moral­ly infe­ri­or to the work­ing men and women of this great coun­try, who are not racist peo­ple, and who, unlike you, care about truth.

And here is anoth­er bit of news for you: There is a mas­sive back­lash com­ing. You will rue the day when it hits you. That day is Novem­ber 8, 2022. That is the day Repub­li­cans will take back the Sen­ate and the House. It will be a day of reckoning. 

Your lat­est attempts to hurt Georgia’s econ­o­my will help us do some­thing that is long over­due – make cor­po­rate wel­fare a thing of the past. There will be no num­ber of well-con­nect­ed lob­by­ists you can hire to save you. There will be no amount of dona­tions you can make that will save you. There will be nowhere for you to hide.

It turns out that pow­er does cor­rupt, and you have become cor­rupt. Amer­i­can tax­pay­ers will soon stop tol­er­at­ing your lies, your attempts to den­i­grate them, and your attempts to con­trol the way they think, act, talk.

A good and great peo­ple are going to rise up and stand up for the truth. They are going to stand up for their prin­ci­ples. They are going to stand up for their country.

So, can­cel as many peo­ple as you can right now. Make as much mon­ey off of slave labor in Com­mu­nist Chi­na as you can now. Keep telling your cus­tomers how racist and sex­ist and unso­phis­ti­cat­ed they are.

The back­lash is coming.

Repub­li­can Rick Scott rep­re­sents Flori­da in the Unit­ed States Senate.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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