Rich alumni are pissed off and pulling donations over ‘Eyes of Texas’…

Addi­tion­al emails sent to Uni­ver­si­ty of Texas Pres­i­dent Jay Hartzell in which donors threat­ened to pull dona­tions if the school did not keep and embrace the play­ing of the “Eyes of Texas” have come to light, accord­ing to the Texas Tri­bune. In a new report that was pub­lished on Mon­day, The Tri­bune esti­mat­ed that well more than half of near­ly 300 peo­ple who emailed Hartzell about “The Eyes” demand­ed that the uni­ver­si­ty con­tin­ued to play and sup­port the uni­ver­si­ty’s long­time alma mater, which came under scruti­ny in 2020 after racist under­tones in the tune was brought to light.

“From June to late Octo­ber, over 70% of the near­ly 300 peo­ple who emailed Hartzell’s office about ‘The Eyes demand­ed the school keep play­ing it,” The Tri­bune report read. “Around 75 peo­ple in emails explic­it­ly threat­ened to stop sup­port­ing the school finan­cial­ly, call­ing on the uni­ver­si­ty to take a heav­ier hand with stu­dents and ath­letes they believed were dis­re­spect­ing uni­ver­si­ty tra­di­tion by protest­ing it.”


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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