Nation’s Second-Largest Teachers Union Influenced CDC on School Reopenings, Delayed Return to Classrooms

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A Free­dom of Infor­ma­tion Act request has revealed what was appar­ent in Feb­ru­ary: that the CDC took guid­ance from a pow­er­ful teach­ers union to deter­mine the appro­pri­ate guid­ance for school reopen­ings. The Amer­i­can Fed­er­a­tion of Teach­ers told the CDC what guid­ance they thought would be best, sug­gest­ing both lan­guage and prac­tices that the CDC should offer as schools began the fraught process of reopen­ing after months of clo­sures. This infor­ma­tion was obtained through a FOIA request by Amer­i­cans for Pub­lic Trust.The AFT demand­ed that the CDC not rec­om­mend full reopen­ing of in-per­son class­rooms, the New York Post reports. This …


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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