Republican Says He’ll Unveil Major Resolution After Bombshell Audit Discovery

Ari­zona Repub­li­can State Sen­ate Major­i­ty Whip Son­ny Bor­rel­li is float­ing the idea of intro­duc­ing a res­o­lu­tion to “reclaim elec­tors” if evi­dence from the audit in Mari­co­pa Coun­ty could change the results of the 2020 elec­tion out­come in the state.

Bor­rel­li spoke on Mon­day about what the Ari­zona Repub­li­can-led Sen­ate can do should there be enough evi­dence uncov­ered to put Joe Biden’s win in doubt.

Bor­rel­li echoed a sim­i­lar point as Sen­ate GOP Pres­i­dent Karen Fann, who said last week the cham­ber does not have the pow­er to recall elec­tors by itself.

“I believe the only pow­er we can [exert] is if, for exam­ple, I’m see­ing evi­dence of ‘there’s no way to cer­ti­fy this.’ The coun­ty is not com­ing to us with answers to any of the ques­tions that we have, or we can’t come up with a defin­i­tive con­clu­sion,” Bor­rel­li said.


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