Rep. Lauren Boebert To Democrat Who Criticized Her Gun Display: ‘Do Your Dishes, Hon’

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Col­orado Repub­li­can Rep. Lau­ren Boe­bert took a shot at a Demo­c­rat col­league who crit­i­cized her gun dis­play say­ing, “Do your dish­es, Hon.”
Boe­bert drew a lit­tle heat from anti-gun Democ­rats after a Zoom call with oth­er law­mak­ers in which guns were sit­ting unse­cured on a shelf behind her.

Rep. Jared Huff­man (D‑MO) indi­cat­ed the dis­play made him con­cerned for his safe­ty once the pan­dem­ic sub­sides and Con­gres­sion­al pan­els are able to meet in person.

“If some­body wants to have a shrine to their gun fetish as a Zoom back­drop in their pri­vate life they can do that,” Huff­man said.
“But this is our ‘hear­ing room,’ and at some point we will get past the COVID epi­dem­ic, and we’ll all start show­ing up in person, …


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