Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Mandate Against Socialism

House Minor­i­ty Leader Kevin McCarthy (R‑Calif.) made a pub­lic announce­ment for the first time since Elec­tion Day on Thursday.

He list­ed instances of when Democ­rats and cer­tain media out­lets pre­dict­ed Repub­li­cans would win very few races.

In the 2020 House races, Repub­li­cans flipped a net five seats and are pro­ject­ed to beat at least sev­en Democrats.

McCarthy said the Amer­i­can peo­ple chose free­dom over social­ism when they vot­ed red.

“It was a man­date against social­ism. It was a man­date against defund­ing the police. It was a man­date against wast­ing a major­i­ty that the Democ­rats have done for the last Congress.”


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