Rep. Banks Raps Speaker Pelosi for Allowing Members to Wear Partisan Facemasks on House Floor

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House Repub­li­can Study Com­mit­tee (RSC) Chair­man Rep. Jim Banks (R‑In.) con­demned Speak­er Nan­cy Pelosi (D‑Calif.) for per­mit­ting “face­masks to be worn on the House floor that wouldn’t be allowed in a High School assem­bly hall.”

Under House rules adopt­ed in 1996, Mem­bers are required to wear tra­di­tion­al busi­ness attire—two or three-piece suits or sport coats, and ties, and dress shirts.

But in a let­ter to Pelosi Fri­day, Banks point­ed out that “on Dec. 3, 2020, the Speak­er pro tem­pore, Rep. Hen­ry Cuel­lar (D‑Texas), wore a face­mask that appeared to dis­play his cam­paign logo while sit­ting in the Speak­ers’ chair. This is an obvi­ous vio­la­tion of the House’s pro­hi­bi­tion on the use of offi­cial resources for cam­paign purposes.
“All mem­bers are dis­al­lowed from wear­ing cam­paign pins on the House floor, and …


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