Rand Paul gets the last laugh on Fauci…

Top White House COVID-19 Advi­sor Dr. Antho­ny Fau­ci recent­ly changed his pri­or posi­tion and rec­om­mend­ed that we keep schools open (while also advis­ing the nation to close bars back down).

“Obvi­ous­ly, you don’t have one size fits all, but as I said in the past and as you accu­rate­ly quot­ed me, the default posi­tion should be to try as best as pos­si­ble with­in rea­son to keep the chil­dren in school or to keep them back at school,” Fau­ci said. “The best way to ensure the safe­ty of our chil­dren in school is to get the com­mu­ni­ty lev­el of spread low.”


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