Professors say flags are ‘symbol of American imperialism and violence’ in defense of student who defaced 9/11 memorial

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Following a student’s removal of 9/11 memorial flags put on display by Washington University College Republicans through Young America’s Foundation’s 9/11: Never Forget Project, faculty and students are coming to the defense of the student who carried the act of vandalism.Fadel Alkilani was caught on the morning of September 11 removing the 2,977 flags representing the lives lost on 9/11 from their display on Mudd Field, placing them in trash bags. He claimed that his removal of the flags was part of a protest of “American imperialism,” and in remembrance of the lives lost in the war following 9/11.Following the backlash Alkilani received for his actions, numerous student groups wrote a letter expressing their support.“While …

















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