Populist Press Blindsided By Enemy Attack And WON

Notice from our edi­tors on a cyber attack that took our site offline today.

Dear patri­ot­ic, truth-seek­ing, Pop­ulist Press readers,

As our read­ers know, Pop­ulist Press is not at the will of social media cen­sor­ship. We’re a grass­roots site that’s explod­ed in recent weeks due to our authen­ti­cal­ly brave report­ing that big tech and main­stream media news out­lets refuse to report. In fact, these oli­garchs go out of their way to con­tort the truth while prop­ping up Joe Biden as president.

The first amend­ment has nev­er been under the kind of attack that it is right now, nor has our free­dom. We’re in a vir­tu­al “Alamo” right now. It’s time to stand and fight for our right to be heard and main­tain our rights and republic.

We pre­vailed in that feat today when a sud­den cyber attack com­pro­mised our site, tak­ing it offline for about two hours. Our incred­i­bly skilled and ded­i­cat­ed staff imme­di­ate­ly fought back, restor­ing truth and infor­ma­tion to the pub­lic that cit­i­zens deserve. We don’t live in com­mu­nist Chi­na and need to fight for our free­doms and our coun­try from suc­cumb­ing to the same kind of com­mu­nist control.

We’re in infor­ma­tion­al war­fare right now.

Fight with us by book­mark­ing www.Populist.Press today and nev­er miss a beat.

You can be assured that when an attack hits, we hit back hard­er. That’s how we win as a nation — the land of the free and home of the brave (not afraid).

Thank you for your sup­port and atten­tion to the truth.

Stay Vig­i­lant,

~Aman­da Shea
Insta­gram: @AmandaSheaCO
Twit­ter: @TheAmandaShea


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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