Pentagon to Launch New UFO Investigation Unit

This Thanksgiving, as families get ready to sit down together for traditional pairings of turkey and stuffing, or candied yams with marshmallow, a different sort of pairing will be taking place when the world of video gaming gets connected to the world of political activism through the Gamers for Trump’s “ThanksWINNING Call of Duty Tournament and Virtual MAGA Rally.”  The event, which will start at 1:00 pm EST, will feature teams of video gamers from across the country competing for prizes and showing support for President Donald Trump.
“My son gave me the inspiration for Gamers For Trump” says Stephanie Lien D’Urso, event organizer and founder of, an organization dedicated to demonstrating and sharing the generosity and kindness of Trump supporters. “He shared with me that the gaming community is completely ignored as a political constituency and many of it’s members tend to be Sanders su …

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