Pentagon Confirms Worst Fears About General Milley

A spokesper­son for Joint Chiefs Chair­man Mark Mil­ley con­firmed on Wednes­day that Mil­ley reas­sured his Chi­nese coun­ter­part that the U.S. would not launch a sur­prise attack in “order to main­tain strate­gic sta­bil­i­ty” in the final days of Don­ald Trump’s presidency.

Dri­ving the news: New­ly released excerpts from “Per­il” by Bob Wood­ward and Robert Cos­ta — detail­ing secret moves by the nation’s high­est-rank­ing mil­i­tary offi­cers to man­age nation­al secu­ri­ty risks that he per­ceived Trump posed in the final days of his pres­i­den­cy — are dri­ving ques­tions about whether Mil­ley went too far, Axios’ Jonathan Swan writes. Accord­ing to Wood­ward and Cos­ta, Mil­ley believed the pres­i­dent had gone into “seri­ous men­tal decline” fol­low­ing the elec­tion and was wor­ried he might “go rogue.”

On Jan. 8, Mil­ley called senior military …


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