Party of Davos: ‘Remember, it’s not only a great reset, it’s a great deception’…🔊

“The Aus­tralian tax­pay­er spends a for­tune send­ing top politi­cians and pub­lic ser­vants year in year out in lux­u­ry style to attend the World Eco­nom­ic Forum in Davos to help map out glob­al eco­nom­ic structures”.

“It is a glob­al com­mit­ment they have made to use the pan­ic and fear gen­er­at­ed by the coro­na virus as a means to reshape all our economies and laws and move to a new form of cap­i­tal­ism that focus­es on net zero emissions”.

“To use all the tools of COVID to tack­le cli­mate change”.

Mr Dean said “if imple­ment­ed suc­cess­ful­ly, The Great Reset will unde­ni­ably and delib­er­ate­ly have extreme and pos­si­bly dire reper­cus­sions”. “‘You’ll own noth­ing, and you’ll be hap­py’ is just one of their mar­ket­ing slo­gans,” he said.

“The plan involves replac­ing share­hold­ers of big com­pa­nies with stake­hold­ers, who hap­pen to be left-wing bureau­crats and cli­mate change zealots. Replac­ing Mum and Dad small busi­ness­es and pri­vate enter­pris­es with big tech and big business”.

“Remem­ber, it’s not only a great reset, it’s a great deception.”


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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