World Powers, Iran Seek to Speed Up Effort to Bring Iran Back Into Compliance With 2015 Nuclear Accord

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By Fran­cois Mur­phy and John IrishVI­EN­NA (Reuters) ‑World pow­ers and Iran sought on Tues­day to speed up efforts to bring Wash­ing­ton and Tehran back into com­pli­ance with the 2015 nuclear accord, as the Unit­ed States reas­sured its Gulf Arab allies on the sta­tus of the talks.Iran, Britain, Chi­na, France, Ger­many and Rus­sia began a third round of meet­ings in Vien­na to agree steps that would be need­ed if the agree­ment, which was aban­doned by then‑U.S. Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump in 2018, is to be revived.The main dif­fer­ences are over what sanc­tions the Unit­ed States will need to remove, what steps …


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