Oxford Study Finds 33% Likelihood For COVID Survivors Developing Mental Illness

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A new study out of Oxford Uni­ver­si­ty found that “the like­li­hood of a COVID-19 sur­vivor devel­op­ing a psy­chi­atric or neu­ro­log­i­cal ill­ness with­in six months was 33.6 percent.”What’s more, the study – “Six-month Neu­ro­log­i­cal and Psy­chi­atric Out­comes in 236,379 Sur­vivors of COVID-19” – found that one in eight peo­ple who have recov­ered from the virus are diag­nosed with their first psy­chi­atric or neu­ro­log­i­cal ill­ness with­in six months of test­ing positive.
“The num­bers rose to one in three when peo­ple with a pre­vi­ous his­to­ry of psy­chi­atric or neu­ro­log­i­cal ill­ness­es were includ­ed,” the New York Post added.
The study also found that one in nine patients were diag­nosed with con­di­tions includ­ing depres­sion or stroke despite not hav­ing gone to a hos­pi­tal while infected.
The study, which is await­ing peer review, …


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