Over 500 Illegal Boat Migrants Have Landed in England Since Brexit, Double the Number From Last Year

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Since offi­cial­ly leav­ing the Euro­pean Union at the begin­ning of the year, the num­ber of ille­gal boat migrants arriv­ing from the con­ti­nent via the Eng­lish Chan­nel has con­tin­ued its record-set­ting pace, with over 500 ille­gals being brought ashore in Britain this year.
In Feb­ru­ary, 308 ille­gal aliens were record­ed to have land­ed on British shores in 18 sep­a­rate instances, adding to the 223 who were tak­en ashore in January.
As the rough and win­tery con­di­tions sub­sided in recent days, the ille­gal cross­ings of the Chan­nel have start­ed to spike, with 87 migrants brought ashore on Sat­ur­day, alone.
The lat­est land­ings mean that there have been 531 …


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