Oregon Dr Stripped Of License For Refusing To Wear Mask Outside

What hap­pened to “trust the experts and sci­ence.” Per­haps that only applies if the sci­ence and doc­tors align with the nar­ra­tive. Politi­cians are pro­nounc­ing them­selves as the experts even over physi­cians, forc­ing Amer­i­cans to trust the gov­ern­ment instead. 

Dr. Steven LaTulippe’s license was revoked by the Ore­gon Med­ical Board over his refusal to wear a face mask dur­ing the Covid pandemic.

LaT­ulippe spoke at a “Stop the Steal” ral­ly in Salem out­side of the State Capi­tol on Novem­ber 7 and said the Coro­n­avirus is sim­i­lar to a “com­mon cold.”

The med­ical board deemed the doc­tor “a seri­ous dan­ger to the pub­lic health and safe­ty” and revoked his license.

Dr. Tulippe said politi­cians are using Covid as a vehi­cle to shut down the Amer­i­can peo­ple and encour­aged every­one to take off the “mask of shame.”

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