Humberto Fontova: One of Rush Limbaugh’s Finest Hours

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There’s no way to improve upon many of the eulo­gies to Rush penned by his fans and friends, espe­cial­ly the one by Mark Steyn. Instead, I’ll men­tion an item that will strike many as triv­ial and irrel­e­vant.  Decades before the terms “deplorables,” “Deep-State” and “Fake News Media” entered com­mon con­ser­v­a­tive usage, Rush Lim­baugh was already cham­pi­oning the for­mer against the two latter–and at a time such a posi­tion brought him no audi­ence advan­tage what­so­ev­er. To wit:Rush Lim­baugh proud­ly stood shoul­der to shoul­der with Elian Gonzalez’s “deplorable” Mia­mi fam­i­ly (and “deplorable” Cuban-Amer­i­cans in gen­er­al) when most Americans ( …


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