Obama CIA Director Says Biden Afghanistan Calamity Has “Absolutely Inspired Jihadists All Over The World”

Appear­ing on CBS News Sun­day, the for­mer CIA Direc­tor under Oba­ma, while Biden was Vice Pres­i­dent, admit­ted that the con­temp­tu­ous actions of the now pres­i­dent in Afghanistan has inject­ed new inspi­ra­tion into ter­ror­ists all over the globe.

“I think that the Tal­iban win­ning the war in Afghanistan, and then the way our exit hap­pened, has absolute­ly inspired jihadists all over the world,” Michael Morell said on Face The Nation.

He added that the calami­tous exit from the coun­try means “there’s a cel­e­bra­tion going on.”

“The Tal­iban is say­ing, we just didn’t defeat the Unit­ed States, we defeat­ed NATO. We defeat­ed the world’s great­est mil­i­tary pow­er, ever,” Morell urged.

“I think, not only will the jihadists be inspired, but a lot of them are going to come to Afghanistan to be part of the cel­e­bra­tion, to be part of jihadist cen­tral,” he continued.

“We are more at risk, …


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