Homicide Rate in Oakland Up by Over 300 Percent in 2021

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Oak­land, Cal­i­for­nia is expe­ri­enc­ing its dead­liest year in decades as the city faces an unprece­dent­ed rise in vio­lent crimes, local Kron4 reports.The surge includes a 150 per­cent increase in car­jack­ings and a 115 per­cent increase in firearm-relat­ed assaults.Most dis­turbing­ly, how­ev­er, Oak­land is expe­ri­enc­ing an over 300 per­cent increase in mur­ders thus far in 2021. 30 peo­ple had been mur­dered in Oak­land by mid-March 2021, a stag­ger­ing increase from the sev­en who were mur­dered by the same point in 2020.In one recent inci­dent caught on video, an Oak­land man can be seen using a machete to defend his par­ents against four rob­bers act­ing in broad …


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