NYTimes Claims Iran’s Nuke Program is ‘Peaceful’ While Iran Chants ‘Death To America’

The New York Times is defend­ing Iran and their nuke pro­gram, call­ing it ‘peace­ful’ after Iran’s top nuclear sci­en­tist was killed in a rain of fire. Is it ‘peace­ful’ to chant “death to Amer­i­ca,” too?…because Ira­ni­ans do that also.

It’s now offi­cial that left­ists have rede­fined the word ‘peace­ful’ by using it to describe all kinds of extreme vio­lence from “peace­ful protests” to peace­ful nuke pro­grams. There’s noth­ing peace­ful about either of these in which they’ve applied the term. Just because they describe it as such, does not make it so.

From The New York Times:

Iran’s top nuclear sci­en­tist, long iden­ti­fied by Amer­i­can and Israeli intel­li­gence as the guid­ing fig­ure behind a covert effort to design an atom­ic war­head, was shot and killed Fri­day in what the Iran­ian media called a road­side ambush as he and his body­guards trav­eled out­side Tehran.

For two decades, the sci­en­tist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was the dri­ving force behind what Amer­i­can and Israeli offi­cials describe as Iran’s secre­tive nuclear weapons pro­gram. His work con­tin­ued after Iran’s push to devel­op a bomb was for­mal­ly dis­band­ed in 2003, accord­ing to Amer­i­can intel­li­gence assess­ments and Iran­ian nuclear doc­u­ments stolen by Israel near­ly three years ago.

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