NY man staged racist and homophobic hate crime against himself

A man from Buf­fa­lo, New York has been charged after cov­er­ing his own BMW with racist and homo­pho­bic graf­fi­ti, WGRZ reports.

Accord­ing to Erie Coun­ty Dis­trict Attor­ney John Fly­nn, 18-year-old Clifton Eut­sey spray paint­ed his own car with hate­ful graf­fi­ti which includ­ed a swasti­ka, the N‑word, “KKK,” and pro­fan­i­ty direct­ed at Black Lives Mat­ter. Police also says that the man poured sug­ar into his own gas tank. Eut­sey also van­dal­ized his car with slo­gans pro­mot­ing Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump.

Eut­sey has since been charged with felony insur­ance fraud, as well as three mis­de­meanor charges relat­ed to fil­ing false reports. If con­vict­ed on all charges, he faces up to sev­en years in prison.

Hate crime hoax­es are more com­mon than most believe, with some researchers esti­mat­ing that few­er than one third of all hate crime reports are genuine.

Eut­sey is fac­ing two addi­tion­al felony charges stem­ming from an unre­lat­ed inci­dent. In late Octo­ber, he was caught dri­ving with­out a license and in pos­ses­sion of two ille­gal firearms, although it is not clear why the firearms were con­sid­ered ille­gal and Eut­sey has not been convicted.



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