North Korean Hackers Tried (and Failed) to Steal Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine

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Last Novem­ber, it was report­ed that a South Kore­an law­mak­er was accus­ing North Kore­an hack­ers of attempt­ing to dis­rupt South Korea’s efforts to devel­op a coro­n­avirus vaccine.
The Guardian report­ed at the time that Ha Tae-keung, an offi­cial in South Korea’s oppo­si­tion par­ty, was stat­ing that South Kore­an intel­li­gence had “foiled attempts by North Kore­an hack­ers to dis­rupt attempts to devel­op a Covid-19 vac­cine.” He did not state which South Kore­an com­pa­nies had been targeted.
This week, that same politi­cian said more about his charges.
Accord­ing to Reuters, Ha Tae-keung said that Pfiz­er in par­tic­u­lar was the target …


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