No sports, no clubs, no talking during lunch and other joys of COVID schooling

Mon­day is the first day of school in Gotham’s pub­lic sys­tem. And it’s on track to be the third need­less­ly dis­rupt­ed aca­d­e­m­ic year for kids. 

Par­ents, delight­ed that schools are reopen­ing despite the best ­efforts of the teach­ers union, are large­ly qui­es­cent about the absurd restric­tions placed on kids. They whis­per to each oth­er about how it all makes lit­tle sense. 

My daughter’s Man­hat­tan mid­dle school won’t be using lock­ers this year. My sons’ Brook­lyn ele­men­tary school has let us know that water foun­tains will remain closed. No group projects, no field trips, no par­ties. Out­door recess will be masked and dis­tanced. For­get tag or sports. 

We used to under­stand that it is impor­tant for kids to get exer­cise with friends. …


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