NYC Public School Encourages Parents to Become “White Traitors” and “White Abolitionists”

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A New York City pub­lic school sent out a graph­ic to par­ents encour­ag­ing them to become “white trai­tors” and “white abo­li­tion­ists.” Accord­ing to Christo­pher Rufo, a writer at City Jour­nal ded­i­cat­ed to cov­er­ing “crit­i­cal race the­o­ry,” the prin­ci­pal of East Side Com­mu­ni­ty School in New York sent out a graph­ic detail­ing the eight types of “white­ness.” The graph­ic shows a scale of “white iden­ti­ties” rang­ing from good to bad. Good is con­sid­ered being a “white abo­li­tion­ist” and bad is con­sid­ered being a “white suprema­cist.” “There is a regime of white­ness, and there are action-ori­ent­ed white iden­ti­ties,” the graph­ic reads. “Peo­ple …


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