New York Family Kicked Out of Restaurant After Failing to Produce Vaccine Passport

A family in New York was denied to eat in a restaurant and was asked to leave the premises because they didn’t have a ‘vaccine passport’.

A viral video shows a father accusing a server of enforcing segregation after he was asked to show his vaccination card. The father told the server that they are religiously exempt from the vaccine.

The father was later identified as Ray Velez on social media, and he posted the video on his Instagram account with a caption, “Juliana’s pizza in Brooklyn Discriminates. The world needs to see the ugly face of segregation. @julianaspizza you my friends need to wake up, I told I would expose your business for it’s participation in the modern day segregation. Share this far and wide everyone discrimination will not be tolerated.”

Velez was seen asking the other people dining at Juliana’s Pizza if they’re okay with setting segregation in society and if it is the kind of America they want to live in where the kids can not eat just because they don’t have a vaccine card. At one point, a diner flipped him off. “No, f*ck you! You see, you are not American, that’s why you need to get the f*ck out of here!. This is America and in America everybody can eat,” the Velez responded.

















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