Nevada Judge Agrees to Hear Evidence of Alleged Voter Fraud

A judge in Neva­da has agreed to a court date next month to hear from Repub­li­cans who allege wide­spread vot­er fraud.

First Judi­cial Dis­trict Court Judge James Rus­sell set a Dec. 3 evi­den­tiary hear­ing in the case, which is being pre­sent­ed by Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s campaign.

Up to 15 wit­ness­es may be deposed in the case, the judge said on Tuesday.

“The com­plaint is kind of a very lim­it­ed nature, chal­leng­ing basi­cal­ly the machine used in Clark Coun­ty,” Rus­sell said, the Neva­da Inde­pen­dent report­ed. Jesse Bin­nall, a Trump cam­paign lawyer, said the com­plaint is “far from the main meat of our chal­lenge” and that evi­dence will come from deposed witnesses.


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