Nevada Court Hears Of USPS Witness Obstruction, Flawed Machine Inspections, And Deceased Voters

A Neva­da hear­ing has revealed a host of elec­tion irreg­u­lar­i­ties includ­ing: the obstruc­tion of wit­ness­es by the Unit­ed States Postal Ser­vice; bal­lots cast by dead peo­ple; improp­er­ly cal­i­brat­ed sig­na­ture ver­i­fi­ca­tion machines; and elec­tion inspec­tions where less than one-third of the GOP’s demands were met.

Since the elec­tion con­test case was filed, a host of devel­op­ments have occurred regard­ing offi­cials receiv­ing access to inspect vot­ing sys­tems and data reveal­ing the extent of fraud in the swing state.



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