Netflix’s Tomb Raider Casts Hayley Atwell as Lara Croft

It seems like the Tomb Raider uni­verse is about to get even big­ger. If you did not know, Net­flix has been eye­ing the fran­chise for years, and it plans to adapt the hit video game into an ani­me. Now, a cast­ing report has gone live for the series, and it turns out Hay­ley Atwell has been tapped to voice Lara Croft. The update comes from Net­flix itself as the site con­firmed the British actress will be voic­ing Lara. Noth­ing else was said about the series in par­tic­u­lar, but Tomb Raider is a big fran­chise with lots of lore. Accord­ing to Net­flix, this ani­me will be set after the events of Tomb Raider’s reboot tril­o­gy under Square Enix. The series will put Lara on a new …


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