Navarro: Stock Market Crash, Inflation Coming in 2021

Dr. Peter Navar­ro said expect a stock mar­ket crash and infla­tion in 2021.

Navar­ro dis­cussed the “rot in the Biden econ­o­my” on War Room, Mon­day evening. The com­bi­na­tion of open bor­ders with the effects of lock downs on the econ­o­my will destroy the rem­nants of the Trump economy.

“We’ve got severe struc­tur­al unem­ploy­ment, mean­ing that there’s been so many peo­ple laid off in the pan­dem­ic in indus­tries that ain’t com­ing back,” he said. In addi­tion, Navar­ro said he agrees with Steve Cortes on the bond mar­ket, and says infla­tion is coming.

“The bond mar­ket is in revolt now,” Navar­ro said. “They see all this mon­ey wash­ing around, and basi­cal­ly if I think there’s going to be infla­tion in a year, I’m not buy­ing bonds I’m wait­ing. And what does that do? It depress­es demand for bonds and dri­ves up the yield. That’s where we’re at.”


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