Navarro: Pence Planning To Take Trump Out So He Can Be POTUS

For­mer advi­sor to the Trump, Dr. Peter Navar­ro joined Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pan­dem­ic to dis­cuss Mike Pence’s for­mer chief of staff, Marc Short’s, appear­ance on Fox.

Ban­non asked why Marc Short went on Fox News. Dr. Navar­ro explained that Short is “tool of the Koch Both­ers,” who he described as “The biggest anti-maga” force in the Repub­li­can party.

Navar­ro said Short served as a major imped­i­ment to for­mer Pres­i­dent Trump’s agen­da. “He would always block MAGA” poli­cies, Navar­ro said. Navar­ro said he had to “push” Short to get him “off his butt” and pur­sue Trump’s Amer­i­ca First polices.


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