MSNBC: President Trump is a “Racist, Terrorist” and Black Republicans are Just Puppets

Thurs­day night’s Rei­d­Out fea­tured one of the ugli­est news seg­ments one will ever see. Over the course of eight-plus min­utes, MSNBC host Joy Reid and far-left race-hus­tler Michael Eric Dyson vicious­ly con­demned Sen­ate Major­i­ty Leader Mitch McConnell (R‑KY) as a “racist,” “ter­ror­ist,” ven­tril­o­quist (or “gep­pet­to”) con­trol­ling black Ken­tucky AG Daniel Cameron ®, and wor­ship­per at “the altar of white­ness” who “doesn’t give a damn” about those in poverty.

Dyson was spoil­ing for a fight from the get-go, denounc­ing McConnell as “tone deaf” and “col­or blind in the worst sense of the fash­ion” because “[h]e refus­es to acknowl­edge the per­sis­tence of the col­or in the cul­ture” in that being “black con­tin­ues to be a thing that gen­er­ates such deep and pro­found opposition.”


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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