WATCH: MSNBC calls Waukesha massacre an ‘accident’

After Darrell Brooks allegedly drove his car into a Christmas parade in Waukesha on Sunday night, killing 6 people, including an 8‑year-old child, MSNBC called this an “accident.” CBS called it a “parade crash.

“In a panel discussion on MSNBC, one contributor said “One thing that you worry about, actually two things, is one is the idea of contagion. Whether it has anything to do with this accident last night and the killing of these people…“That commentator, Clint Watts, called it an accident despite the fact that witnesses said the driver stopped, then sped through the crowd, sending people flying in all directors in an act of complete mayhem.

NBC’s MSNBC featured a paid analyst (@selectedwisdom) who referred to the #Waukesha car-ramming incident as an “accident.” The criminal complaint de …

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